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Cheat contains in its functionality features such as: Aimbot; Transparent buildings, ceilings, obstacles, trees; Displays enemy lines and more. Now you can shoot straight at the target, see your enemies anywhere, behind the wall or behind the roof does not matter. You will also be able to use the function to scale the area of the screen and thus rise much higher and see the whole map overview.

Custom zooming control with scroll wheel
Transparent buildings, ceilings, obstacles, and trees
Lasersight(shot range)
Displays enemy lines
Frag grenade timer
Auto opening doors
Fast weapon changing
Auto heal
Auto fire(Just press the left mouse button)
Planes tracking + visibility of air drop on minimap has been extended
Multiboxing [beta] Use the multibox branch

You can shoot on space key.
Auto loot and auto opening door added.
Zoom radius regulation by Left shift + Mouse wheel
Game menu added. Press Z key to enable the cheat and ESC to show menu.
Fast weapon changing, just click right mouse key.
Emotes are available after pressing the B key(instead right mouse key).
If you need to temporary disable auto aim, just hold Left shift key.
Now the auto aim will aim for enemy, closest to mouse pointer

Download this repo as a ZIP file.
Extract the ZIP file you just downloaded.
Go to chrome://extensions in your browser. Make sure you have Developer Mode activated.
Click “Load Unpacked” and select the subfolder named ChromeExtension which is in the extracted (called )
Have fun!

Free Download Hack – Aimbot, Multiboxing, Triggerbot

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The file has been deleted
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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.