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Genshin Impact Cheat Table | God mode, Unlimited Stamina, Fly, ESP

A simple and free cheat for Genshin Impact PC for all regions is available on our website. If you want more advantages in the Genshin Impact game, then I advise you to download this cheat sheet. Using the functionality of this hack, you will be able to control the game world, use God mode, flight, enable Unlimited Stamina, see objects through textures on the map and much more.

Genshin Impact Cheat Table 2022

Genshin Impact Cheat Table 2.8

I personally have been using this cheat table for a long time and have never been banned from the game. But I advise you to use this cheat not on the main account, there is a chance of getting blocked and it will be a shame if you lose your excellent account.

Features Genshin Impact Cheat Table

– Inf Stamina (Bug function)

– Auto Spam key F – Hold key ~

– Fly ( Key [ – up player, key ] – down player )

How to use Genshin Impact Cheat Table

Open Cheat Engine folder and rename cheatengine-x86_64 into svhost

Run the renamed svhost as administrator

Run the script WITHOUT Genshin being open

Open the Genshin Impact process when you see your character in your world

Choose your desire cheat, Green is less risky, Orange Medium and Red high risk of ban.

Free Download Genshin Impact Cheat Table | God mode, Unlimited Stamina, Fly, ESP

Copy the link to proceed to the file download

Only authorized users can download files. Please Log in or Register on the website.
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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.