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Roblox Broken Bones IV Script – Auto Farm

The new script on roblox Broken Bones IV for the first time on our site, which has only one function Auto Farm. You don’t need more functions for this game, because your task in the game is to break the most bones of your character. This script teleports you to different parts of the map and thus breaks bones. With it, you can score a lot of points in the end and be in the leaderboard. Broken Bones was released in 2018 and in that time it has been visited by over 766 million players, of which 3.5 million have added to their favorites and are still playing today.

local player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer local Respawn pcall(function() Respawn = getsenv(game:GetService("ReplicatedFirst"):FindFirstChildOfClass("LocalScript")).Respawn end) _G.farm=true while wait(0.5) do if _G.farm then local char = player.Character local root = char.HumanoidRootPart for j=1,3 do char:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(CFrame.new(-400,700,-250)) wait(0.5) for k=1,19 do if root:FindFirstChild("BodyForce") then root.BodyForce:Destroy() end root.Velocity = Vector3.new(0,-500,0) wait(0.1) end end for j=1,30 do char:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(CFrame.new(0,26,-172)) root.Velocity = Vector3.new() wait() end wait(4) if Respawn then player.PlayerGui.Gui.Summary:TweenPosition(UDim2.new(0.5, 0, 1.5, 0), "In", "Back", 0.75, true) Respawn(workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame, workspace.CurrentCamera.Focus) player.PlayerGui.Gui.Summary.Visible=false else repeat wait(0.1) until not player.PlayerGui.Gui.Summary.Visible end end end

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to everyone adding this to vanilla MC launcher, Add “-noverify” to JVM Launch arguments for it to work.